Senaptec Sensory Station

There is more to athleticism than power and speed

The Sensory Station is a state-of-art sensory evaluation & training station which assesses 10 visual and sensorimotor skills. In less than 25 minutes, you can determine an individual’s strengths and opportunities to improve sensory performance.

The Sensory Station is a digital convergence of many analog tools that took up much floor space in a facility. The automated data collection, analysis, and immediate reporting saves you time so that you can get to training right away.

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What’s included

  • 55” High Def Commercial Grade Touchscreen
  • Advanced Surface Light Wave (SLW) technology
  • 10-point touch technology
  • Electronic lift with wireless remote
  • Custom Mobile Pedestal
  • Custom Tablet Mount
  • Tablet
  • Bluetooth Input Device (Phone)
  • Assessment Accessories (3D Glasses, Eye Occluder etc.)
  • Training Guides & Video’s