We are passionate about providing affordable access to innovative sports technologies, helping sports facilities, sports clubs, coaches, universities, colleges and schools;

  • Spread the cost of technology based assets (see long term rental below)
  • Provide personalised, measurable and actionable performance metrics to facilitate performance development
  • Support and facilitate training / coaching / educating
  • Improve sports participation through the use of technology
  • Offer engaging & fun interactions with sport
  • Motivate individuals to improve their health & fitness
  • Provide meaningful habit forming experiences
  • Deliver significant social benefits

To discuss the hire of any of the sports technologies that we represent, please contact us.

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Long Term Rental

Most people prefer to rent technology based assets with the view of upgrading them at the end of the original term. This also provides plenty of flexibility should your circumstances change as well as tax advantages for your business.

The benefits of a rental are:

  • No major capital investment
  • Rental payments may be viewed as 100% tax deductible
  • Match expense of equipment with benefit as derived by use over time
  • Ability to incorporate all costs of a Technology Environment, including: Hardware, Software, Warranties, Maintenance and Service Contracts
  • Flexibility to acquire the use of more equipment as needs arise
  • Rental payments may be viewed as an operating expense eliminating the need to record the liability of transactions in the capital account
  • Improved management of the Technology Environment and the associated costs


The rental solutions proposed can provide for additional equipment and services to be added to the facility throughout the rental term, subject to approval.

Provided the agreement is finalised satisfactorily in accordance with the terms of the agreement, the renter may:

1. Upgrade to new equipment
2. Terminate and return equipment
3. Re-rent at an agreed rental reduction
4. Apply to Buy at lease end for agreed value