Practice with purpose,
play with passion

Sport has the power to change the world

WallJAM is an interactive challenge wall providing an environment for competition, entertainment and skills training.

WallJAM’s targets measure power, speed and accuracy of play. The display sets the targets, records results and creates a leaderboard, which can be shared across social media platforms.

Multiple games / challenges available. Ability to compete against professionals & sporting heroes. WallJAM offers a targeted, fun, memorable & measurable experience.

Powerful Branded Engagement

WallJAM is a highly visible, portable and engaging technology that can be designed and deployed to provide a fully branded interactive solution.

WallJAM can provide a ready-made arena which can carry branding in a number of formats:

  • Naming rights
  • Wall branding
  • Digital advertising
  • Branded customer app and leaderboard
  • Social media shared communications
  • Post event communications

Measurement / Interaction

  • Registered list of all players
  • Track gameplay / reactions / behaviour
  • Track social media ‘shares’ by player (including shares to non-players = amplified reach)
  • Continue interactions / relationship building with players after gameplay via social media, newsletters, prizes etc.
  • Analyse impact and adjust audience targeting if necessary

Games / Challenges / Competitions

6 In 60

Single Player
Best score from 6 shots in 60 seconds

60 Second Shootout

Single Player
Best score in 60 seconds


Alternating target shooting, lowest scorer eliminated after each round


  • Sport development initiatives (participation / skills training / health promo)
  • Audience growth campaigns (gamified engagement)
  • Brand activation promotions (memorable experience)
  • Sporting events / league / tournament (revenue generating)
  • Targeted community events / roadshows (sports clubs / schools)
  • Retail attraction (shopping centre / stores)
  • Corporate events (unique)


  • Soccer & Tennis
  • Coming soon – AFL & Rugby

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