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Hexoskin is a wearable precision lab, giving you insights about your physical training, daily activities and sleep.

Hexoskin’s mission is to record and organise personal health information and make it accessible and useful.

Hexoskin’s 100% textile biometric clothing accurately tracks and records, with ultimate precision, your heart rate, heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing rate, VO2 max, minute ventilation, activity levels, acceleration, step count, calories & cadence. Your fitness metrics tell you about your general health (cognitive functions, sleep, weight management, physical performance) whether you exercise or not, so tracking them enables you to understand how your health can evolve over time.

Hexoskin has numerous applications, one being a highly accurate & comfortable sleep tracking device, monitoring your total sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep percent, sleep position changes and the time spent in every position: belly, back, right, left and standing.

The Hexoskin shirt offers an easy and more natural way of regularly capturing precise data in real-life contexts.


  • Lightweight, quick dry, breathable, antibacterial, machine washable
  • High performance Italian fabric (designed to stand up to tough conditions)
  • Fit optimised for regulation of moisture/heat
  • Smooth seams won’t chafe (comfortable even under clothes)
  • Easy set up
  • Activity, cardiac & lung function data collected simultaneously
  • Measures: Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery, Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Rate, VO2 Max, Minute Ventilation, Activity Level, Acceleration, Cadence, Calories & Step Count
  • 14+ hours of battery life and 600+ hours of standalone recording (device fully chargeable via USB in 90 minutes)
  • Device: 73mm (h) x 42mm (w) x 13mm (d) & weighs 40g
  • Real-time monitoring & immediate performance feedback through the Hexoskin app

Connected Health Platform

The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is an end-to-end system designed to minimise user setup time and maximise vital signs monitoring over long periods.

Health researchers and clinical development teams use Hexoskin to support their studies:

  • Remotely collect biomarkers for clinical outcome assessments to develop new endpoints
  • Detect more events over time (compared to gold standards)
  • Collect continuous and precise real-world evidence, thus enabling scalable studies with access to a diversified population of volunteers
  • Clinical-grade patient-generated data provides additional value to clinical trials, improves patient adherence and reduces costs
  • Secure solution with access to both raw and processed data with complete traceability for audits
  • Compatability with Vivosense – the most comprehensive physiological data analysis software available for health research and clinical studies. Researchers and scientists can import and export Hexoskin data, execute batch processing, and produce meaningful and ready-to-publish graphs of study results


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*Charles Sturt University (CSU) Hexoskin Case Study – Click here for news articleClick here for video.

“We recently used Hexoskin vests and data packs to measure the cardio-respiratory activity and accelerometry of 24 early childhood educators. We found the packs very straightforward to use, and the data download procedures very simple – even though we are early childhood researchers not exercise scientists. Our participants reported no discomfort, lessened work performance or difficulty in wearing the vests or fitting the packs – even for those who were initially apprehensive. We will be using the vests on an ongoing basis in our research and have no hesitation in recommending them to other researchers.” Dr Tamara Cumming, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University

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